Our info / advertising monitors
are placed on the recycling stations.

Screen dimension 43”

System Digital Signage

Programmatic Digital Out of Home

Green news edited by PLEF, Planet Life Economy foundation

AggiCO2 and bottle recycled real time counter

Digital Out Of Home ecofriendly


Maximum traceability on advertising campaigns within the Green Mayor NETWORK in Digital Signage. By placing Reckons (SMART DEVICE) on monitors, the system is today able to intercept the ip signals of the devices in proximity of the eco-compactors transforming them into OTS (Opportunity to See) analysis. This allows advertisers to make targeted choices in the planning of Marketing campaigns and Communication with our business partner MovingUp, both for the specific locations of interest and for the number of OTS you want.


supermarket stations


bottles / year


coupon downloads from The Green Mayor portal


75 T
of PET collected / year


+ 70


active users on the app


119,884 kg
of CO2 equivalent / yea


+ 500,000h
Green information through the monitors


monitor info advertising


Our Partner

Our Partner no profit

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